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The membership of one of our training groups of this innovative methodology developed by James McSill and run by the McSill Story Studio, UK,  is available, by invitation only, to private, closed groups of English, Portuguese or Spanish speakers, resident in, or who can travel to, Europe. Although there are several variations and interpretations of storytherapy processes, James follows a very basic principle: change your story, change your life.

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what's storytherapy

StoryTherapy started as an approach designed to enable children to explore, question and understand the past events of their lives. James McSill, after more than thirty years in the field of Storytelling, coaching and mentoring, and the McSill Story Studio, UK, have extended this tried and tested methodology to encompass adults, and adults in a position of leadership, to help them to secure their present and future stance in life through strengthening their understanding of «story» and how stories work in our lives, as well as providing the opportunity to develop a healthy sense of self and a feeling of well-being.


The story you tell will, as you may know already, vary greatly depending on who is asking you to tell, your mood at the time, and whether you feel like you are still at the beginning, in the middle, or at the end of your most salient story. Stories are used to inform, to connect with others, to share our feelings and experiences, and to sort out our own thoughts and feelings. Stories are used to organize our thoughts, find meaning and purpose, and establish our sense of identity in this confusing and sometimes lonely world. StoryTherapy capitalizes on our storytelling tendencies to provide us with opportunities for growth and development, ways to find meaning, and a pathway to a better understanding of ourselves.(Positive Psychology)


This therapy is a more specific and less common method of guiding individuals towards overhauling their own stories, examining the elements and recustracting the narrative, and, in the process, healing and personal development will arise. Life, well-being or illness of the soul, are all about the stories we tell. StoryTherapy respects the agency and dignity of every single person, treating us all as an individual who is not deficient, not defective, or not “enough” in any way. Individuals who decide for StoryTherapy as part of a self-development programme are really  brave people who recognize that there are issues they would like to address in their lives, which are preventing them from realizing their full personal or societal potential.


Stories are jointly constructed understandings of the world that form the basis for shared assumptions about reality, which means that our interactions and dialogue with others impacts the way we experience reality, it is influenced by and communicated through language, which suggests that people who speak different languages may have radically different interpretations of the same experiences. Having a story that can be understood helps us to organize and maintain our reality. In other words, stories and how we view and react to them help us to make sense of our experiences. There is no “objective reality” or absolute truth, meaning that what is true for us may not be the same for another person, or even for ourselves at another point in time. (Standish)

Shared Training Closed Groups 

The Therapists' Shared Training Closed Groups will be exclusively managed from the UK HQ of McSill Story Studio by Mr. Fabio Fetter, a personal development coach himself, and a neurocoaching specialist. Mr. Fetter was the co-founder of the Pound for Pound Academies, with subsidiaries in most European countries. Mr. Fetter will capitalize on his many contacts in Europe and Latin America, and on his ability to bring people together, to be the first port of call to members of the training and practicing international teams who form part of the McSill Storytelling Therapy Group. Mr Fetter is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Thus far, this innovative methodology developed by James McSill and administered by the McSill Story Studio, UK,  is only available to self-assembled, private, closed groups of English, Portuguese or Spanish speakers, resident in, or who can travel to, Europe. Although there are several variations and interpretations of story therapy processes, James follows a very basic principle: change your story, change your life.

Mr. Fabio Fetter
European Groups Manager
UK | PT | ES | FR | IT | LT

join in, learn the skills and get involved as a member-trainee 

These groups are formed by invitation only, but we're happy to hear from you and consider your application. We're looking for very special people!

First, you should be a coach of some sort or work with human development or management fields. You have to bear in mind that stories are naturally hypnotic, so you will be learning how to literally change stories, which could mean helping an individual to better understand reality, and we'd be looking forward to having you as a member of of one of our groups or helping someone to bend reality, which certainly is not or will be what we do, so it'd be time and money wasted. These groups 'hire' James's teaching, supervising and coaching time for about the same investment value that individuals already do for one-to-one sessions, but the advantage is that the Closed Group will share the training session components of a StoryTherapy development consultancy and get an International Practitioner Certificate, issued by the McSill Story Studio UK. The contact sessions will vary from group to group, but they can be held between three to twelve months. James will guide you through the process of how stories work and how how you can apply its principles to soothe, comfort or heal. We believe that right story at the right time can facilitate psychological and even physical healing. What you will learn will be of added value if you are a coach or therapist, or can be taken on their own and applied as tools in your box-set of management skills.

Further information about the new Closed Groups memberships?

You will be able to receive further information by e-mail, telephone, Skype or WhatsApp. Talk to us now!

The Terms and Conditions of participation in the Closed Groups are set out by the McSill Story Studio UK and it's partners. What you can expect from The McSill's Closed Groups in terms of services or benefits can be sent you by e-mail or post. The rules to which you must agree in order to gain membership of Closed Group will be detailed before you join. The groups may have participants of different countries, but will be formed based on a common language. You may have to travel to attend the training meeting. Each group will have no more than five (5) members. 

StoryTherapy has the power to really change lives and perception of reality, learning these skills will give you power over others, which we have to make sure will be coupled with utmost responsibility.

James McSill has been shaping stories that shape individuals and companies for over 25 years. McSill Story Studio, situated in the UK, has become one of the most relevant purveyors of Storytelling courses and Story consultancy all over the Portuguese-speaking world. But not only that, James has helped leaders and organizations on all continents, from Spanish-speaking countries in Latin-America, to North America, Africa and Asia. Storytelling is key to framing the narrative around how we see ourselves and others as well as the work we do in expressing our strategies, communicating our values and articulating our purposes. When teams combine logic and emotion, they will be more capable of spurring themselves on and inspiring others to act.

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